ANGEL assessments are graded automatically, and the results should appear in the Gradebook right away. The lowest grade of the eight grades is dropped.

During the second part of the semester, I will enter a grade for you each week to evaluate your participation in the composition of our final working paper. The lowest grade of the six grades is dropped.

Weight and final course grade

50% Grades for weekly ANGEL assessments, during the first part of the semester
50% Weekly grades for participation in composition of our final working paper

Grading rubric for participation in final working paper

Grade Absences per week Participation in class discussion Meets due dates Writing quality
A None Frequent Always Very high
B No more than one Occasional Almost always Acceptable
C Two Rare Most of the time Marginal
D Three Never Rarely Poor
F Three Never Never Plagiarized

Grading scale

A 94
A- 90
B+ 87
B 84
B- 80
C+ 75
C 70
D 65
F 50